Term 2 Certificate Recipients

Monday, March 27, 2017


Nathan received The Most Improved Award this term.  He works diligently every day and listens attentively during lessons.  I am most proud of his improvement in math and his willingness to do well. Keep up the improvements, Nathan!

Ayden received The Most Positive Award this term.  He always has a smile on his face and says encouraging words to his friends.  When problem arises among his classmates, Ayden can often think of helpful solutions for them to work out.  Keep up the positivity, Ayden!

Kianna received The Most Accepting Award this term.  She is always inclusive of anyone in class and pleasant around others.  Kianna never declines requests from her classmates and is happy to work with her assigned partners.  Keep up the great attitude, Kianna!

Emma received The Most Improved Award this term.  She already achieved three out of four goals by the beginning of Term Two! What a great achievement, Emma! I am most impressed by her determination to be better everyday and this sets a good example for other students in class.  Keep up the fabulous work, Emma!



Rachel received The Honour Roll Certificate this term.  She achieved straight A’s in Term Two!! Everyday, Rachel worked tirelessly to exceed expectations, putting in extra effort in all her assignments, big or small.  Projects were completed with care and effort and her cooperative team work is often appreciated among her peers.  Continue the diligent work, Rachel!