Term 1 Certificate Recipients

Friday, December 16, 2016

This term has gone by so quickly! Lots of learning, group projects, and many fun, yet challenging activities took place in Div. 3.  I’m so proud to see so much growth in learning. Everyone worked hard to meet the high expectations in this class.  In particular,  I would like to recognize some students who have performed outstandingly well academically, as well as those who make this class a great place everyday. 

Bryan received The Most Positive Reward this term. Every day, he comes to school with a positive attitude in learning, being a good friend, and problem solving.

Zephan received The Most Positive Certificate this term. Every morning, he comes to school with a big smile and is ready to spread his positive energy to all his classmates. He is optimistic and gives his classmates encouragement when they come across problems. The sunshine that he radiates is contagious and we all appreciate his positivity in class.

Lisa received The Most Accepting Certificate this term. DLG began the Pink Project in 2010 led by Ms. Hamaguchi. The goal is to spread the message of acceptance as part of the anti-bullying campaign. Lisa has been inclusive of all her peers and never said a negative word about anyone. She is kind, considerate, and patient.

Kevin received The Honour Roll Certificate this term. Qualified recipients must achieve straight A’s on their report cards. This type of achievement requires self-discipline, persistence, dedication, and diligence. Kevin is humble about his achievements and works hard on a daily basis. He always aims to exceed expectations and sets high standards for himself.

Ronald also received The Honour Roll Certificate this term. Just like Kevin, Ronald sets high standards for himself and constantly checks in with the teacher for ways to improve. He takes advice to heart and changes accordingly. Even though Ronald achieved high scores on tests and projects, he stays humble and never brags about his achievement.

Congratulations once again to these students!! The Most Improved Certificates will be added in Term Two and I will be checking to see who have improved the most from Term 1 to 2.