May 10th


  1. Math 5 – Algebra Package – Due Thursday, May 9th
  2. Math 6 – Algebra Package, Pages 1-5 – Due Thursday, May 9th
  3. Grammar 5 and 6 – Apostrophe package – Due Tuesday, May 9th
  4. Writing – Rough Copy – Writing from Different Perspectives – Due Friday, May 12th


  1.  A lot of kids have shown interest in buying the book 20 Games You Can Create with Scratch. It is still available on an old order through Scholastic. If you are interested in helping your child learn computer coding, this book is a great deal at $12.60. Contact Glenn if you have any questions.
  2. Next week, we are going to see a performance at The Orpheum with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. A note has been sent home. The cost is $8. Please send exact change in an envelope with your child’s name on it. Thank you.
  3. The Playland field trip is next week – May 17.
  4. There is a new scholastic order. It is due on Monday.