April 6th


  1. Math 5 – Page 68 and 69 – Due: Apr. 7
  2. Math 6 – all corrections – Due: Apr.7

(* Grade 6 Parents, please note that we are currently reteaching and reviewing the most difficult geometry concepts with grade 6 students who need some extra time. The students who did not have difficulty are working on challenging enrichment activities (lateral thinking problems).


  • If you haven’t sent pizza money in, tomorrow AM is the last chance.
  • Some report card envelopes still need to come in.
  • If you would like to put in a scholastic order, please do so by Monday, April 10th.
  • If you have silk ties or scarves you don’t want, please send them to school. No pressure.

Other notes:

  1. We are beginning a project-based learning activity in science. We are building a device that will demonstrate forces and be adapted to a game that can be played by our buddy classes.When I approve projects, I try to avoid projects that would be hard to source the materials or cost a lot of money. I also want the work to be done at school so parents don’t have to spend their evening working on it (the night before it is due). The kids may ask to purchase or locate materials. I will try to keep the projects from becoming a burden.
  2. We are also continuing to work on the new Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies curriculum. I will be teaching the students to write computer programs with Scratch in order to teach these concepts. Scratch is a drag and drop programming system designed for children by people at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. If you would like to know more, please visit the Scratch website (or email/message me).
  3. We have finished the spelling unit. I will use those blocks to teach science and work on other important projects.