April 3rd – Introduction

Hello, I just thought I would write a quick post to let you know who I am and share some other details.

My name is Glenn Kachmar and I will be teaching Div. 3 for the remainder of the school year. Ms. Ng has done an excellent job of showing me the systems she has in place. I will do my best to carry on her projects and continue to have high expectations for your children as she has until now. I can be reached by email at gkachmar@vsb.bc.ca. You are also welcome to visit me before or after school.

My approach to homework is to get as much work done at school as possible and send work home if it is necessary to finish the assignments. I do hope that students will spend time reading and practicing spelling or vocabulary words at home.

A little about myself – I have been teaching since 1996. I have taught in the Saanich School District (on Vancouver Island), in independent schools and overseas (Cairo, Tuxtla Gutierrez, and Prague). The topics I have instructed include all the usual subjects,  French, computer coding, robotics, cooking, and many more. I have also had some unusual work experience and intend to introduce some enjoyable, educational activities I have learned about in my work and travels.

* I will try to get up to speed on Class Dojo and I will try to get in the habit of posting regularly on this blog.

** I did not initially know that the vocabulary test was scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday). I told the students we would do the test on Wednesday and we will stick to this plan.